Medical Massage and Personal Fitness Training.



Injury prevention, functional improvement, and fitness. This system works!!



Testimonial Excerpts regarding Jim

Frith, owner of Ascending Fitness:



“ leg spasms are gone! ...the best money we have ever spent. Jim Frith’s expertise changed my life!”

        --  Deborah Wood, CEO, Asheville Pregnancy Support Services

“My first session with Jim did wonders...  Jim’s guidance is invaluable.”

         -- Marc Futterman, President & CEO,

            CIVIC Technologies, Inc.

“I happily endorse Jim Frith... to relieve or eliminate low back pain, to improve posture, balance, and flexibility, and to gain core strength and stability, all while shedding unwanted fat.”

         -- Martha Palm, Doctor of Chiropractic


“...the best trainer I have ever worked with.”

        --  Jennifer Levin,  Ph.D., CPCC, Director of  Clinical Services for DPS Health

“Jim has outstanding knowledge of body mechanics

and anatomy... I’m a fan!”

        -- Holly Martin, RN, MBA, PMP

“I highly recommend him.”

        -- Jill Freedman, CFO for Naked and IZZE Juice, a

           division of Pepsico

“Working with Jim Frith over the last year has been

life-changing for me... I have reclaimed my life, and I am

indebted to Jim for helping launch me into, what I believe

will be, the best years of my life!”

-- Laura Facciponti Bond,  Professor and Drama Department Chair, University of North Carolina,

Asheville Campus

“Jim changes the exercises frequently, keeping the workouts interesting, and working all muscle groups. I eagerly look forward to each class.”

-- Cheryl Fernandez, retired Registered Nurse

“My fitness has improved more in 4 months at Ascending Fitness than during the 2 decades that I spent struggling with other programs. Plus it's fun and I like it!!”

-- Sue Tacktill


“Training with Jim is the best decision I ever made!!! ... In 5 months, I lost 35 pounds, 5 inches per thigh and 6 inches in the hips…. I am so happy with all the results. My figure has never been so good! Jim helped me ‘shape’ my body... My friends who haven’t seen me since July are amazed of how I look now, I feel so much better and… I love my new abs!!!! ...Jim can do wonders!”

      -- Virginie Schaeffer, Process Engineer, Jacob Holm Industries

         Virginie Schaeffer Before                                                Virginie Schaeffer After

“Jim has been a wonderful source of both inspiration and motivation... uniquely talented in his ability to analyze and rapidly address my physical condition and issues.... tremendous job... steady decrease in body fat and consistent increases in both stamina and strength.”

        -- Eric Brumm, Information Services Administrator, City of Glendale, CA. (Lost 50.5 lbs. 

           in 12 weeks)

                 Eric Brumm before                                                       Eric Brumm after

“Jim... has outstanding knowledge of the interactions between exercise and nutrition, and how each can be used to improve health.”

         -- Annette L. Adams, PhD, MPH  (Lost 30 lbs.)

"Due to Jim's vast knowledge, expertise, and professionalism, I am in the best shape of my life, and my health at its peak.  He has given me an understanding of what health and fitness really is. Thank you, Jim.”

  -- Edward Stanly, Head Bartender, Grove Park Inn, Asheville NC

Eddie Stanly before (May 2010)      Eddie after 7 months training        Eddie Stanly April 2012


"Thank you, Jim for helping me reach my goals and surpass them!! Your dedication, knowledge, and attention to detail through out the workout is like none I have ever experienced before!!"

  -- Michelle Stanly, Health Care Associate, Mission Hospital, Asheville NC

“Jim’s guidance has been just what I needed.  I got lots of exercise, and he taught me far healthier eating habits, so in 10 weeks I lost 31 pounds.  With what Jim has taught me, I know that I will keep the weight off this time!”

         -- Norma Perez, Certified Group Fitness Hip Hop Dance Instructor

"Training with Jim has made a huge difference in my life and really turned things around.  I lost 14.6% of my body weight in 12 weeks...  I feel so much healthier and happier than I did just a few months ago...  He is the best!"

        -- Katherine Wimmer, President, Wimmer Associates, Pasadena, CA

“I had definitely hit a plateau [before coming to Jim]...  Jim helped me improve my form and functionality. I have become so much stronger and I carry myself so much better since working with Jim.”

        -- Melissa Philip, Personal Assistant (lost 21 pounds in 12 weeks)

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Jim’s direct line:  828-707-3798


Medical Massage

Treat pain naturally and effectively. Enhance range of motion.  Jim Frith is Medical Massage Certified. He has been treating patients since 2009, first under an exemption from licensing, then as a licensed massage therapist since 2014 (NC LMBT #14700). He has helped countless patients out of pain and into a better functioning body.

Now seeing patients at his studios in Black Mountain and Maggie Valley. For treatments taking 2 or more hours, Jim will come to your home or office in Black Mountain, Maggie Valley, Clyde or Waynesville. $95 per hour. See Massage Therapy.

Personal Training

Enhance fitness. Lose weight. Feel better. Look better. Jim has many certifications from both the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the National Federation of Professional Trainers. More importantly, he has tremendous knowledge about how to efficiently get you to your goals, and he cares. He has been training since 2008 and he literally wrote the book on how to truly get to your health and fitness goals and stay there. Train one-on-one at Jim’s studio in Black Mountain for $80 per hour, with a partner for $40 per hour each, or join a small group MWF at 7:10 am in Black Mountain for $199.43 per month.

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